Oct 4 Board Meeting

Call to Order - Bob

Treasurtes report - Bremer Balance 7562.74
Loan 53742.61

Frandsen - Money Market $25087.00
Checking acct - $6580

Old Business - Door Lock - Setting time open Key works 7 Am - 10 pm M - 7 days per week
Auto open Monday 3:30 - 10 pm, Tues and Thursday 5:30 -10 pm  Wednesday 3:30 - 10 pm 
Board has 24/7 access.  Vending has 24/7 access.  Perry is lining it up.  Friday Oct 29 is start date
Perry will have 6 keys made for the new lock and emergencies

Land Zone issue - All cleared up with the city now.  zoning issues have been corrected.

League Chairs are not changing

Discussed early AM league - seemed impracticle

Dues update - No change made to 2010/11 dues.  Not quite full so made sense to leave dues
Motion made by Dan Lindgren to leave dues alone.  Seconded by Perry Marto.  Carried

Discussed the offer of a pressure washer from Satrom.  Board decided we dont have a use for it and due to space considerations we decline

Motion made by Brenda to allow Jean to to to ABM for printing.  Seconded by Perry.  Carried

Motion made by Dave W to ad on ice advertising to options.  Brenda seconded. Carried

Dan to talk to Dawn Zimney for City Briefs

Dan made a motion to have Greenberg re do the tar on the roof for and estimate of $950.  Seconded by Dave.  Carried

Perry made a motion to adjourn.  Brenda seconded.

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