Motion to accept minutes - Moved by Perry, seconded by Jim - Carried

Treasurers report - Moved by Perry, Seconded by Rich - Carried

Key update -  Seems to be going well.  Issue with holidays.  Perry is working on getting it resolved.  Approximately 60 keys are out.

Building update  - rumors all over town that CC is building new with the wellness center.  Considering starting over with a survey of the club members etc.  Much discussion on what to do and how to do it.
Motion to open a building fund account made by Dan Lindgren, Seconded by Brenda. Carried

Motion to take Sioux Hockey raffle fund money and dedicate to a building fund.  Seconded by Rich.  Carried

Leauges are going fine.  All pretty full.  Payment is coming along fine.

EGF High school is planned to come Dec 13 - 23.

Mixed State date was discussed. 

New Business

Women's qualifier - Rich Staveteig volunteered to do the ice.  Brenda is going to look for a chairman in Tuesday night league.

Motion to Adjourn made by Rich.  Seconded by Perry.  Carried.

Additional information