January 9th Board Meeting

Attended by Bob Bina, Dave Whalen, Jim Satrom, Dan Lindgren, Perry Marto

Motion to accept Minutes from last meeting - Moved by Dave, seconded by Jim

Treasurers Report - No report as Brenda unable to attend

Old Business - Swipe card working well except holidays.  No fix for that until next season  When cards are issued next year holidays will be fixed. 

Building update - Building Committee is planning to meet with Roger Helland Later this week.

Leagues - Most leagues are going well.  Comments that a lot of forfeits this seeming like more than normal.  seems like its college kids mostly.

UND Class - Starts Monday Jan 10th.  CT is in charge.

Women's Qualifier - Brenda still needs another laptop.  Dan to send out another email regarding volunteers

New Business -

Junior Nationals - Club to contribute 50$ per curler.  5 curlers here at GFCC qualify. totalling $250

Perry made a motion to supplement the 5 youth curlers by $100 from the youth curling fund  Seconded by Dave Whalen.  Therefore total is $500 spread over the 5 GFCC curlers.

Mixed State - Bob Bina Chairman

Motion to adjourn made by Dave Whalen.  Seconded by Jim Satrom

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