Charitable Contributions


Grand Forks Curling Club Capital Campaign for a New Curling Center

The Grand Forks Curling Club, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization; contributions are tax-deductible as prescribed by law.*  This can be confirmed at Charitable Contributions.

Contributions are accepted in many forms:

Cash: single contribution or multi-year pledged contributions.*

In-Kind: We have many areas but not limited to construction materials, furnishings, equipment, etc.*

Stocks: You can donate stock and you may reduce your tax liabilities.* The curling club brokerage account has  been set up at Alerus Bank.  For more information, please contact Brenda Staveteig.
Land/Real Estate:  These can be donated directly or through our Endowment.*

Life Insurance/401k/Beneficiary:  A gift from your estate to support the immediate and future needs of curling.*

The Grand Forks Curling Club Endowment

 Endowments are a sustainable forever gift. Many donors choose to establish or add to the existing endowment funds to provide a vital base source of funding that may allow the organization to carry on, even in lean years. 

The Grand Forks Curling Club, Inc. Endowment has been established through The Community Foundation of Grand Forks, East Grand Forks, and Region.  Your donation to our Endowment becomes a “sustainable forever gift.”  Gifts through the endowment are tax deductible, and may qualify for additional tax credits through North Dakota (see below).

North Dakota’s Unique Charitable Tax Credit

With the North Dakota Charitable Income Tax Credit of 40%, there has never been a better time to give a sustainable, lasting gift. This 40% tax credit is on top of the savings you can receive on you federal return by itemizing your qualifying charitable donations. We want to help you take advantage of both the state tax credit and federal tax deduction. You can significantly lower the net cost of your contribution and triple its impact.*

The GF Curling Club Endowment was established by local curling alumni. “Curling has been a part of our family since the club was established, and we wanted to establish a permanent fund that would support the club’s need in good times and lean years.  “This tax credit program made it possible to significantly increase our donation".

*Consult your tax professional for your particular situation.




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